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Welcome to Angel Sound TM , an interactive auditory training and hearing assessment program that lets you take control of your listening rehabilitation independently or self-administer your functional hearing test at home. You gain practice in discriminating and identifying sounds and speech components through a series of self-paced modules that cover different aspects of the listening process. The level of difficulty is automatically adjusted to match your developing listening skills. The program provides audio-visual feedback, highlighting areas you can continue to practice. The training and testing results can be shared with your clinician or therapist, who can provide further advice on your rehabilitation. Focused on practice and improvement of your listening skills, Angel Sound TM compliments your clinic rehabilitation and functional hearing test program. Angel Sound TM includes more advanced training protocols (i.e., bilateral training procedures, advanced psychophysical training protocols, animated audio and visual feedback, remote data access, and advanced training customization with favorite setting) than Sound and WAY Beyond. Also, Angel Sound TM has more advanced training modules (i.e., comprehensive music training, auditory resolution training, and functional hearing test module). The functional hearing test module provides a perfect tool to self-assess your functional hearing with a variety of speech and music recognition tests, including auditory resolution, phoneme, music, speech in quiet and noise, and auditory cognition (short-term memory) etc. Phonemic-based minimal acoustic and perceptual contrast training protocols Reinforce the brain's ability to distinguish between phonemes which are the building blocks of language; Psychoacoustic-based adaptive speech in noise training protocols to Enhance the listening and communication skills and strategies for the listening conditions encountered in the daily life; Comprehensive sound materials and advanced signal processing to Simulate the “real-world” listening environment (environmental sounds, speech sounds, speech in noise, and music etc); Seamless integration of training and testing to Track the functional hearing status over time as well as the improvement over the course of auditory training. It is important to use age-appropriate listening materials for hearing-impaired children who have cochlear implant devices or hearing aid devices to facilitate their language development. The latest “learning by listening” module is developed to facilitate the learning of different sounds and new words for children with cochlear implants and/or hearing aid devices, by incorporating the latest scene-based training protocols.
Angel SoundTM
Angel SoundTM
Interactive listening rehabilitation and functional hearing test program
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About Angel Sound Angel Sound TM is a PC-based interactive listening rehabilitation program developed by TigerSpeech Technology and freely distributed by Emily Shannon Fu Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring Emily Fu, our angel and beloved daughter. Emily help us to realize that while life on earth may be temporary, love is forever, and helping others is life’s true meaning.
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Updated on 2/18/2021